Jac Rijk was established in 1933. This family owned business celebrated in 2008 its 75 year anniversary. A milestone, that made us proudly look back at 7 decades of dedicated service to the world of earthmoving and mining, and the international expansion of a company that, despite its growth, still holds the same core values. Efficiency as well as safety in a harmonious working environment are spear points in our ambition as a company to meet our customer’s needs. We achieve this through the high involvement of our valued teams, state of the art technology and machinery, and a solid financial foundation.

Today, the third generation Rijk guides the company group into a promising future. A future we want to take responsibility in. By reshaping the earth in a literal sense, but more so in the support of local goals and initiatives, and co-creating, together with our global partners, a sustainable and livable society worldwide.

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