Infrastructure and site preparation

Site preparation is critical for a successful and prosperous progress of any constructional operation, either it concerning remote mining sites, large scale industrial zones, commercial areas or luxury residential parks. Quick, solid and efficient site preparation demands for a reliable and experienced partner that understands the specific needs of both you and your project and knows how to meet or exceed them, utilizing the newest available knowledge, technology and equipment.

Jac Rijk can build on many years of site preparation experience around the globe, also in remote areas without any existing infrastructural resources. Being independent of external resources in terms of equipment, know-how and personnel, the optimization of both process and planning will not be an idle promise.

In the area of site preparation and infrastructure Jac Rijk specializes in

  • company and industrial grounds
  • site preparation for housing estates
  • installation and removal of preloads
  • earthmoving for the construction of roads and railways
  • earthmoving for the construction of quays and harbor infrastructure
  • access and haulroads
  • embankments