About us

Over the past 80 years Jac Rijk developed into a global earthmoving specialist. Our activities exist of (large-scale) earthmoving for civil works, mining, infrastructural works and nature development.

Besides our headquarters in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, we have offices in Belgium, Germany, Surinam and Saudi Arabie. Our Belgian company RAB exists already for 40 years and is active in the same areas as Jac Rijk. In Surinam Jac Rijk is non-stop active since 2003, especially in mining.

The office in the port of Vlissingen also houses the sister company Zwaar Transport Zeeland. Z.T.Z. was founded 40 years ago and is specialized in the transportation of heavy materiel, for Jac Rijk but also for third parties.


After 3 generations, Jac Rijk has grown into an international player with many mining, civil and infrastructural key national projects to its name. It is fait to say, that the companies within the group founded roads, railways and waterways, as well as mined, moved and excavated on almost every continent. Look at the history to learn more about the organization.

Jac Rijk Group

Jac Rijk BV has offices in:

• The Netherlands
• Belgium
• Germany
• Democratic Republic of Congo
• Saudi Arabia
• Suriname

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