Rehabilitation and sanitation

The ecological footprint of our businesses and interaction with our environment, have become more and more important in our society today. As architects and their commissioners constantly seek new means for their buildings to interact with the surrounding in a responsible and sustainable way, a whole new specialization has evolved in the field of landscape (re)design. New insights into the need for nature protection and reconnecting ecological zones did the same for nature construction and development.

On the other hand, decades of manufacturing and industrial development have left lands worldwide ecologically degraded and contaminated. Jac Rijk has built up a unique expertise in professional soil sanitation and excavation of old mines and industrial zones. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in re-arranging and covering of dumping areas and the installment of fertile topsoil layers.

In the area of nature development Jac Rijk specializes in earthmoving activities concerning

  • Nature and landscape development suchas estuaries and coastal dune projects
  • Recultivation of mining deposits to their original natural surroundings
  • Construction of golf courses
  • Sanitation of old mines

Responsible interaction with nature and the environment we live in, has become more and more important in our society today. In the field of landscape (re)design, nature construction and development , as well as soil sanitation of old mines and industrial zones, we contribute with professional sanitation and excavation activities.